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The Landscapers Guide To Modern Sales and Marketing Podcast with Jack Jostes

The Landscaper’s Guide To Sales and Marketing is a weekly video and podcast series dedicated to helping lawn and landscape contractors attract more of the RIGHT customers to Increase Profits + Enjoy A Better Lifestyle. Hosted by Amazon best-selling author, keynote speaker, and Ramblin Jackson CEO Jack Jostes, this show is packed full of the latest green industry sales, marketing, and business trends to keep your business growing in the right direction.

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June 23, 2023

The Faces of the SIMA Symposium: Inspiring Stories from the Snow and Landscape Industry

00:00 Introduction  Jack Jostes Hey, I’d love to introduce you to all the cool people I met at the Simon Symposium, but I can’t. But I did get to…

June 16, 2023

Behind The Scenes With Ramblin Jackson’s Top Beef Jerky Supplier

00:00 Introduction  Jack Jostes: Hey, have you ever gotten beef jerky from me in the mail? Probably. Well, I love sending beef jerky out to my clients and friends,…

June 9, 2023

Key Photos To Take THIS Spring And Summer To Attract Hell Yes Customers To Your Landscape Company

00:00 Introduction Jack Jostes: It’s June and it’s time to take great photos of your mature green landscapes. Right now, every landscape company wants more maintenance clients. It’s getting…

June 2, 2023

The Landscaper’s Guide To Sales & Marketing In A “Normal” Economy

00:00 Introduction Jack Jostes: It’s spring 2023, and are you getting fewer leads at your snow and landscape company than you have in the past few springs? Is the…

May 26, 2023

How To Give Back To Your Community AND Grow Your Business Through Volunteering

00:00 Introduction  Jack Jostes: Have you ever thought about giving back to your local community by volunteering time with some of your landscape employees? Today I just volunteered at…

May 18, 2023

The Essential Elements of Southern Botanical’s $47M+ Sales Culture

Jack Jostes: Could you imagine running a tree and landscape company with over $47 million in annual revenue? It’s something many people dream about, but also makes them uncomfortable…

May 11, 2023

Do Troublemakers Become Successful Entrepreneurs?

Check out the songs Jack and Dave recorded here 00:00 Introduction Jack Jostes: Have you ever thought about building up your company to a point where you could sell…

May 5, 2023

How To Build A Career Ladder + Grade Your Clients As As, Bs, and Cs

Jack Jostes: Do you grade your commercial landscape clients? Well, in today’s podcast interview, I talk with the director of sales from a company that does over 10 million…

April 28, 2023

Top 8 Landscape Merger & Acquisition Questions Answered

Have you ever thought about selling your snow and landscape company or buying another one to grow? Well, I just got out of my live webinar with Christeen Era…

April 21, 2023

How To Take Excellent Landscaping Photos With Your Smartphone + What To Look For When You’re Hiring A Professional Photographer

Jack Jostes:Showing off your best landscape portfolio with professional photographs is a key part of attracting highly qualified leads to your lawn and landscape company, but should you take…

April 14, 2023

How To Build Relationships with New Designers and Architects

Jack Jostes: Have you ever wanted to market your landscape company to high-end architects and landscape designers who then refer your company for the actual installation and construction? While…

April 7, 2023

The Story of How Two Friends Merged Their Tree and Landscape Companies

Jack Jostes:Hey, everyone. Welcome back to The Landscaper’s Guide. Have you ever thought about merging with another company, acquiring or selling your company? Well, today I’ve got the founders…