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If You’ve Got Your Landscaping Skills Dialed In, It’s Time To Level Up Your Business Skills With Our Online Courses

Increase Your Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting Results With Our Professionally Created Online Courses Designed Exclusively For The Landscape Industry

  • Includes easy-to-use mobile app - so you can download to your device and listen to the audio version of the courses in your truck on the way to job sites
  • Audio, Video, and Written content to reach different learning styles
  • Created using proven educational strategies while using humor and entertainment
  • No B.S. 100% Satisfaction 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Based on real results we’ve tested on our own business and clients -- proven with testimonials, examples, and interviews with real landscapers

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The Landscaper’s Guide to Recruiting & Retention Replay

Are You Losing Revenue Because You Can’t Find the Employees You Need? You’re in the right place. Purchase the Replay – $47 The Landscaper’s Guide to Recruiting & Retention During this Webinar You Will Learn: How to Market for Employees Like You Do For Customers: Finding Hell Yes Employees is as important as finding great…


The Landscaper’s Ultimate Guide to Recruiting

Stop recruiting like it’s 2020… Learn proven strategies to attract and retain top talent at your landscaping company with the NEW Landscaper’s Ultimate Guide to Recruiting.


Tree of Good Fortune Video + Audio Book

Build your own customer-generating, recruiting-focused Tree of Good Fortune using a Proven Process successfully practiced by hundreds of landscapers.


The Landscaper’s Guide to Commercial Sales & Marketing

Tired of losing on price? Take control of your sales process in this live, interactive webinar where you’ll learn the proven marketing strategies implemented by commercial landscape contractors across the country.


Leadership: How to Be an Intentional Leader vs An Accidental Employer

Learn key components to build into your business that will help you become an Intentional Leader instead of an Accidental Employer


Brand Your Sales Process to Get the Owner Out Of Sales

Learn key components to brand your sales process to help you close more Hell Yes Customers.


Real Recruiting Case Studies: What Works for Landscapers Now

Learn key components to brand your sales process to help you close more Hell Yes Customers.


Get FOUND ONLINE: How Landscape Companies Can Use SEO to Get to the Top of Google

Learn key components to brand your sales process to help you close more Hell Yes Customers.


The Landscaper’s Guide to Advanced Lead Qualification

It could be a lack of understanding – and communication – around key things like budget, timelines, and services. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to weed out low-fit customers and magnetically attract Hell Yes Customers using proven landscape sales tactics.


Are these courses right for you? Our courses are not a fit for everyone.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick kind of course… this probably isn’t going to work. While we do outline easy-to-follow systems, they’ll still require some thinking and implementation on your part. If you are up for investing some time into yourself and your business, this just might be the course you need!

But before you invest the time and money, I have some questions:

  • 1 Have you hired a marketing team who doesn’t “get it”... and you’re not getting results?
  • 2 Do you have new marketing employees who don’t understand the green industry?
  • 3 Is your marketing not generating the results you need?
  • 4 Are you wasting money on marketing that isn’t working?
  • 5 Are you wasting time talking with unqualified leads?
  • 6 Tired of losing on price?
  • 7 Are your recruiting tactics from five years ago not working in today’s labor market?
  • 8 Are you feeling stuck… and you’re ready for fresh, new ideas and actionable strategies?

If you’re nodding your head “yes” about any of the problems above, and you’re ready for ideas, inspiration, systems WITHOUT having to hire an agency to do it all for you (or if you want to just up your game and get better results from whatever you’re doing now), keep reading.

Learn The Proven Landscape Marketing Secrets I Use With My Private Clients

Some people create online courses without having done the work themselves. They are “influencers” who can’t walk the walk. If you’re suspecting that’s the case here, I don’t blame you. We have a slick website, nice videos, one of those fancy podcast microphones… and one of those guys-who-sells-things-on-the-internet-that-I-found-on-Instagram haircuts. But if you Google me… do your homework on me, you’ll see these courses are the real deal, Evander Holyfield, real life, small business quality.

It’s a small world, and if I bump into you at a green industry trade show, I want to hear about the great results you got from one of my courses or presentations -- that’s WHY I’m here.

Since 2009, I’ve run Ramblin Jackson - the United States’ highest-rated green industry marketing agency (Google us - we have over 110 Google Reviews), with hundreds of clients all around the country. I manage a 10+ person company and have implemented over $9,000,000 of professional services. I know what it’s like to have staff… not have enough staff… have too many clients… not have enough clients -- all challenges you may face in your own business. I’ve also worked through those issues with my clients, and now I’d like to share what’s working with you.

I created these courses to help you -- my Ramblin Jackson clients and green industry contacts -- to grow your business with these professionally-created online courses which you AND your employees can complete at your own pace.


Crafted With High-Quality Education Strategies So You Actually Implement What You Learn To Get Results Fast

I’ve personally created over 2,000 videos over the last decade, and I’m in the top 10% of all Lessonly creators (an online Learning Management Software LMS) based on the volume of content my agency creates to train our employees. Each course is created using the same online training copywriting formula I’ve used to grow my 10+ person staff, influenced heavily by years of public speaking experience as well as my wife’s professional education background. Courses are easy to use, easy to remember, and written in a pace that helps you learn new ideas without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Enroll in a course, do the work, and I guarantee you’ll get more value than you paid for the course -- or I’ll refund you.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee*

I’m so confident you’ll get value from the courses that I offer a 365-Day 100% money-back guarantee

*If you decide after completing a course that you’re not getting the value you paid for, ask for a refund and we’ll give it to you!  

P.S. If you’re still reading… it’s time to pull out the credit card and buy a course. DO IT! I look forward to seeing you in the course!